Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm Honored. And So are You!

Last week, Fearless Fibro Warrior left this intriguing comment on my wah wah wah post regarding my UTI:

     Why is your blog so funny to me? (Besides the fact that I am sick in the head) Your comment, "painful stimulus in response to unwise behaviors" is me, to a "T". Reading your post, I was nodding, smiling, the whole thing. I got to that part, and literally LOL'd. Not because I enjoy your pain. Because I do the SAME THING OVER AND OVER. And it's funny to me.
     Because of that, and so many other things, I have something for you. You can find it, here:
That something turned out to be the Liebster Blog award:

What's a Liebster Blog award? Turns out that it's an award given to bloggers with less than 200 followers, by another blogger that wants to share the bloggy love. To quote FFW. The recipient of the award must choose five other qualifying blogs, write a post in which each of the blogs are announced, and link back to the blog author that nominated you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Fearless Fibro Warrior! Muah right back atcha, girl!

::Julia throws a kiss wearing an off the shoulder platinum colored silk evening gown, while gracefully gliding up the red carpet, unfazed by the storm of photographers, autograph seekers, and applause:: Um. And....::wearing a half-slip duct taped to herself to avoid the infamous lingerie incident:: Um. And.....::John and Terese and Greg following closely to handle damage control and incident response:: Um. And.....::because catastrophe inevitably follows Julia wherever she goes::

So. Without further ado, here's my choices for my round of the coveted Liebster Blog Award, all of which are written by sjoggies. Y'all rock!

Sjogren's Style
This from SS's about me: I truly believe that we can live life well despite the impact of chronic illness.

I am a 30 year old stay at home mom of a beautiful girl. I have Sjogren's Syndrome and I am desperately try not to let it rule the way I live my life. We are busy most of time and bring my husband (her daddy) along for the ride!

A Sjogren Life
This blog is a bit unique in that the author Jazzcat writes her posts in both English and French. Je suis une jeune femme dans la trentaine, j'ai été diagnostiqué atteinte de Gougerot Sjogren en 2007. I'm a women in her thirties, diagnostiqued with Sjogren in 2007.

Over The River and Through the Woods
Welcome to my blog. As a wife, mom and grandmother, I have always considered myself lucky to be in excellent health. Recently diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome, I decided to set a personal goal to improve my health by making good life style choices—particularly in regard to diet. My quest to make prescription drugs the last resort has motivated me to learn more about Sjogren's Syndrome, healthy diet options--including recipes--and good nutrition. As I embark on this journey, I would be pleased if you would come and visit now and again.

Understanding Invisible Illnesses

     When I was diagnosed with autoimmune diseases at 15 (and with symptoms that presented as young as two), I decided the only way to approach my new life was to embrace it. While in college at Villanova University pursuing a degree in Accounting and minor in Theology, I worked with the university to promote awareness of invisible illnesses among my peers and professors.  Since that time, I have presented at various events (corporate, educational, small-groups, college students, etc), built teams for fundraising events, sat on committees, lead webinars for activists, worked with corporate America for employees with disabilities, and was part of the 20-person coalition to draft the initial Digital Patient Bill of Rights.  And "UII" are just getting started.
     In founding the grassroots group "UII – Understanding Invisible Illnesses," I seek to promote awareness of chronic invisible illnesses as well as providing access to resources and support for both sufferers and those who suffer with them – friends and family.

Sugar and Spice (and everything nice)
Welcome to a sweet little place I've created to share with you my passion for anything and everything having to do with my favorite place, HOME! Cooking, gardening, decorating and crafting are some of my favorite pastimes. Join me, won't you?

Each of these blogs provide a unique perspective of the lives of sjoggies in varying stages and ages of life, all of which are well-written and a joy to read.

I'm sorry that I couldn't list ALL of the blogs that I would have liked, but as you visit each site, take a minute to scroll down to check out each blog's links. I found several there that I have chosen to follow. Who knows? As the Liebster Blog award continues to be passed around, even more amazing blogs will come to light.

You're all mahvelous, dahlinks. All of you.


Jenny P said...

AH! Julia!! Oh my goodness the rampant warm-fuzzies are almost too much to bear - fortunately, as a pug owner, I am already accustomed to coping with them:) It is no surprise to any of us that you would be a Liebster winner, and I'm kvelling at your sharing it with me!
Love you, Dahlink!!

Unknown said...

I am truly honored!

Thank you so much for this award. I can't wait to write a post to pay it forward.

P.S. You look fab in that platinum gown!

Blogger Mama said...

Julia! Thank you so much! I am so humbled by your award. I literally have tears! Especially since I've secretly seen you as one of my blogger "role models" for a long time. You've made my day!

Blogger Mama said...

PS- Isn't it crazy that people we have never even met can mean so much to our daily lives when we all share common health struggles? Thank God for what the internet has become to make this possible!

Anonymous said...

You have all my gratitude. I start blogging thanks to you. And now your giving me again a push up.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.


Sunset in Paradise said...

What an honor! Many thanks for the recognition. Your blog is a model for us all. Love your blend of warmth, wit and wisdom.

Leslie at SugarAndSpiceADK. said...

Well I JUST found out that you "nominated" my little blog, Julia, as I was (gasp) without wireless for about a week...thank you, thank you! You are so sweet!