Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Keep Terese Hopping

Yes! There ARE albino kangaroos! Found here.

Because I have no life of my own, I enjoy harassing those that do. So I dropped in on Terese at her workplace the other day, and found her furiously scratching at the bright red welts that covered her forearms and hands.

What on earth?!

She shrugged. "New medicine", she said.

Girl. Don't take any more of it!

"Duh!.......My lips feel weird."

Weird like how?

"Tingly. Itchy. My tongue too."

::facepalm:: Lips.....tongue.... drug allergy...swelling...hives.....DID. YOU. TAKE. SOME. BENADRYL??

"I was just going to now."

She calmly peeled open a capsule from it's blister pack.



Visions of Terese's face swelled so large that her eyes were merely slits flashed in front of my eyes. Along with me calling 911 when her airway became obstructed in an anaphylactic episode.

YES. REALLY. And I'm running out to get you some rantadine, too. It's another histamine blocker so it will help the benadryl work better.

Fast forward.......to the next day. I receive this text from Terese:

So I did, and it was a doozy:

"So in my dream, I've got these three albino miniature kangaroos that are hopping around like crazy...."

I had to interrupt. So, were they cute and furry? And were they small as a schnauzer? And did you like them?

"Sigh. Yes. I liked them. No, they weren't particularly furry. And they were even smaller than a schnauzer."

Ok. Continue.

"Well, I was trying to find plastic boxes big enough to ship them. And the box had to have air holes. But they kept hopping away and I was trying to grab them all..."

Wait. Did EACH KANGAROO have it's own box?

Greg and John, who were listening with rapt attention, jumped into the discussion at this point. Greg: "Well, it would be pretty easy to just drill some air holes into a plastic box.." John: "Yeah. And if they were smaller than a schnauzer you could find those boxes anywhere."


"And how come they were albino? Are there actually albino kangaroos?"

GUYS! We're talking about bouncing miniature-albino-about-to-be-shipped kangaroos here! Quit being so literal!

Terese sat back in her chair. "So this whole dream is your fault."

Well. That's even more weird than your kangaroos. And where were you shipping them to anyway? And how could this even be remotely my fault?

"I don't know where I was shipping them. This is your fault because you gave me all those DRUGS."

Hm. Let's see. On one hand, a very entertaining dream about unlikely wildlife. On the other? Anaphylactic shock and near certain death.

OK. I'll take the blame. And no, John. Probably not a good idea to have her take those meds again just to see what her next dream is.....


annie said...

Scary reaction to her meds! I hope she will see her doctor soon, or at least her pharmacist.

ShEiLa said...

I am glad you saved your friends life... reactions to meds are no fun and I know because I have had my share.


Amy Junod said...

God works in cool ways. You thought you were just dropping in to harass a friend. I am really glad that she's ok.
So...on to this dream. Ya'll HAVE to sit down and pull up some dream analysis. Drug induced or not...this is great Bearded Dog Pub material.