Monday, February 6, 2012

Totem Poles, New Friends, and Good Friends

Terese and I recently took another wedding-stuff shopping trip with DN2. What a fun day.

Ahh. So far, planning these weddings has been such fun. I hope it continues this way, but knowing my kids and their future spouses, I'll betcha that the good times will just keep a comin'.

Once the wedding details were attended to and Daughter Number Two had to head back to work, Terese and I were left with an entire afternoon in Seattle.

Woot. J and T on the loose.

We checked out the progress on the carving of a totem pole.

We walked along the piers and waterfront.

Can you see the Olympic mountains across Puget Sound? 

And took in the Seattle Aquarium, where my new best octopi friends Rocky and Mae reside.

Well, helllooooo, Rocky.

Mae. You're FABULOUS, dahlink. 

I'm so fortunate that Terese is usually up for a quick trip north with very little notice. Aside from enjoying her company, I also appreciate the fact that she's willing to take more than her fair share of the driving, which saves oodles and oodles of energy for me. And she'll hoof it over to the other half of the aquarium and send me photo messages to let me know what I missed while taking a break. She understands when I tell her that I need to find a bottle of water or soda ASAP. She usually can decipher brainfog-ese when I look at her and say something completely incoherent.

I'm so lucky to have Terese.

Anyone would be lucky to have a Terese.

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