Monday, February 20, 2012

Julia: One. Crash-and-burn: Zip.

One possibility from Alfred Angelo.....but in a different color. 

I've posted so much recently about my spectacular energy crash and burn episodes. This time it's a real pleasure to write about an outing in which I actually managed my energy pretty well.

Daughter number one made a quick trip up to Seattle to see friends, so John and I jumped into Goldie and headed north for a day. We met at DN2's apartment; John and I, the three kids, and their fiances/boyfriend.

I looked around happily at the circle of wonderful people around us, and had the thought: Are we all here, now? Is this our new family? And wouldn't that be an amazing thing? I would have been content to just sit on the couch and watch everyone talk and laugh for the whole day, but we did have a few things to do.

So we girls headed out to do some bridesmaid dress shopping. It was so tempting to let myself just zip around the store grabbing dresses for the girls to try, but I found myself a comfy chair in front of a lovely three-way mirror, and demanded a fashion show. Right there in front of me.

The girls were only too happy to oblige and before long, I was treated to a parade of pretty girls wearing beautiful dresses. We had a flurry of saleswomen handing dresses in and out of the dressing rooms, and had gathered a small group of spectators before we were finished.

One woman in particular joined in with gusto. She stood next to me, chin in hand, making thoughtful but decisive comments about the dresses.

Good thing we all agreed upon the same dress. What fun.

Afterwards, the girls wondered if I had enough energy to repeat the parade in another store. As I sipped a low-fat smoothie, I reluctantly came to the conclusion that I just didn't have enough energy left for that.

I love how DN2 has totally adopted the "spoon theory".

"How many spoons, Mom?"

I'm running low, honey.....

"All righty, then. Let's head back to my place."

Which we did. And ordered in pizza and played video games. John and I hugged everyone goodbye after our pizza supper and pointed Goldie south. And as I woke up today, realized with a pleasant shock that I may have escaped -- or should I say managed -- to avoid a day after crash and burn.


Maybe she CAN be taught to listen to her body's messages.


sue said...

Congrats on not crashing. And that is a lovely dress.

Gertrude said...

Is that the mother of the bride dress? :) Beautiful. You could pull it off. Congrats on spoon rationing.