Sunday, January 8, 2012

Putting Christmas Away

Now that my mobility factor is significantly improved after being poked in the bursa with a very long needle the other day, I have no excuses to delay in putting away my Christmas stuff. Dang. Walking around without wincing is a very very good thing...

In changing seasonal items in my house, I have a tried-and-true method: to just putz around the house, and just kind pick up stuff and throw it on the dining room table, which is where I do a keep/donate/ditch triage.

Later. Or at least sometime before Valentine's day.

Yikes. Dust bunnies LOVE all my Christmas junk decor items.

So I strolled past this pile, and decided to deal with all the Christmas cards that we received this year.

This is just a few of them. 

My favorite kind of Christmas cards are the ones that have family pictures.

All right. I know what y'all are thinking, and STOP IT IMMEDIATELY. Those abs are on my nephews. Tsk. 

I sent out a grand total of two Christmas cards this year, and you know what?

I don't feel even the teensiest bit of guilt about that.

Which makes me realize how far that I have come in dealing somewhat realistically with my disease. Last year, I was so determined to get my cards out, and all the gifts beautifully wrapped, and yadayadayada......and I was exhausted.

Ok. So this year I was exhausted, too.

But it wasn't because I labored over stuff that wasn't at the top of my priority list, however. As much as I love receiving Christmas cards.........well......I just don't like going through all the work of sending them. And with so many other options out there to keep in touch with friends and family, like email and facebook for example, spending the money on cards and stamps and then expending the energy just doesn't work for me. At least, it didn't work for me this year.

Who knows what next December will bring? It will be interesting to find out.


LisaMarie said...

I stopped sending Christmas cards a few years ago. No energy at that time of the year with everything else. So, this year, I've set a resolution to send out "thinking of you" cards to those that I probably would have sent Christmas cards to in the past. It will be a group mailing just like the holiday season. But it will arrive in their mailbox when they least expected it and when I feel I have time and energy to do so.

Amy Junod said...

You had posted something last year about the decorating process that would take a week. I felt such a sense of relief to know that I wasn't the only one and I finally stopped guilting myself. The same is with getting everything put up this year. So, thank you.

I do hope that Pinky can stick around for Valentines Day...St. Patty's Day...Easter! Oh, I bet flamingos just LOVE Easter.

Super good news that you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Pinky has indeed enjoyed a fine Christmas and New Years perched proudly on our front porch.

Even though Pinky's natural habitat for the next 10 months is a box in the basement, I do wonder if he would thrive through those long months somewhere in our back yard; or perhaps on Amy's porch. We would need to find a way to replace his Santa hat with something more seasonally appropriate.