Saturday, January 21, 2012

Photos Are A Very Good Thing

As is typical of our adventures, when we head out, John drives and I plop my camera armed with a telephoto lens on my lap. And as we zip along, I keep exclaiming Wow! Gorgeous! Ooo! The light is perfect! and Would you look at that! all the while clicking away madly. John just nods and smiles and keeps his eye on the road, thank goodness.

I finally downloaded the gazillion pictures off my trusty Canon. Here's just a few:


ShEiLa said...

Oh Miss Julia... I started to read your post and thought for a moment you were describing me and my hubby. My camera is always on my lap for a road trip.

Love the hot air balloon in one week they are having a hot air balloon festival near by... I hope I am feeling well enough to make it.


annie said...

Beautiful shots of natural vast and grand the world around us....

Miki said...

Absolutely breathtaking photos!