Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm A Marked Woman

My appointment with Dr. Young Guy is tomorrow, and it will be interesting to hear what he has to say about my new crop of skin thingies.

There's lots more. But I will save y'all the trauma of seeing where the others are located.....

So weird looking. Especially since the ones on my back are still hanging around.

I know that they are just more of the same lupus lesions, and I expect Dr. Young Guy to tell me that. But aside from the occasional itching and un-attractive issues, these things have thrown a monkey wrench into my exercise routine.

I quit going to my newly-found health club and swimming pool because shortly after my lupus rash showed up on my back, a very large sign was posted on the locker room doors which said, "Patrons with skin rashes from any cause are NOT allowed into the pool."

Oh, brother. Was it me? Were they talking about spotty old me? Was I the cause for the sign? Wouldn't you know these stupid things have to show up in places that a typical swimming suit does not cover - up high on my back, on my legs, and now on my neck/chest. And they turn an even brighter shade of red after about two minutes in pool water, to add to their yukky-ness factor. Great.

I'm so embarrassed.

My dermatologist gave me a letter which stated that my "rash is not contagious", and I know that I could show it to the club manager.......but then I'd still have to explain when people look suspiciously at my spots and deal with the feeling that I'm not wanted.....sniff.....which would get old. Really fast.

Well, then. My spots and I will just find ANOTHER place to spend all this money, thank you very much. I'll just march my spotty body right out of the this club's door, taking all of my spot friends with me. So there. Nyeah!

I'll let y'all know where that new club may be. Wonder if any clubs advertise as being spotty-people friendly. Or as not spotty discriminatory. Or maybe a spots-only spa.

A spotty girl can dream, I guess.


Unknown said...

I sometimes wish we could all wear message t-shirts to explain ourselves.

At work, I often have to leave the building at odd times for meetings in other locations. It's a big building, so not everyone knows that I'm leaving to go do more work not to sneak off for fun times, and I get a lot of annoying stink eyes.

I do wish that more people would just assume the best about others, but until then, maybe you should wear a shirt that says, "It's not contagious!" and mine could say, "I have a meeting!"

Leslie at SugarAndSpiceADK. said...

I have those exact same spots up and down my first my derm. thought it was some form of gutate psoriasis, but then later diagnosed it as a lupus rash. They make me very self-conscious, so I don't wear shorts in the summertime anymore, just capri-length pants. Even on the hottest of days...sigh! Steroid creams help a little bit, but they always come back, and scar.

BD said...

Yes, that looks like a familiar rash, I'd say lupus rash.

I can relate well to the rash discrimination. It's second nature now to check myself every day from head to toe to make sure all spots are at least muted.

I remember when I was younger before I was sick, I worked in a bank and a lady would come in regularly. She would have rashes on her arms and I would wonder if what they were and if they were contagious. It's strange to think back on that now, because I can relate to her but I am reminded how the other side views it... Makes you want to shout out, I'm not a monster :/

Connie said...

I am grateful for the absolutely perfect timing of this post and photos. Last night I noticed a red spot under my bra strap that looks a bit like the ones in your second photo. Geez, I guess I do need to call the dermatologist, sigh! Julia, you are a blessing, thanks for all you do.

stephanie said...

That's bogus, man.

annie said...

Good luck with your visit, and hopefully your doc will have some answers for you. You are so upbeat and have such a great sense of humor that you make us laugh along with you. Thank you, Julia, and a very happy and healthy new year!

Blogger Mama said...

Hope your visit tomorrow continues in the same light that the others have. :o)

Ellen S said...

I'm looking at buying a wetsuit. Will keep me warmer (take *that* Raynaud's!) and cover any rashes. Also am hoping maybe with it on I will be covered from the sun and might even be able to swim in the pool here. We haven't even used it in 4 years because I can't go out there anymore *sniff* They make them now for water aerobics, swimming, etc. I was told the triathlon ones are the greatest things ever!