Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'll Take It


You know how I'm always blabbing about my struggle with my bratty inner child? Well, specifically with BICJ to rein in her tendencies to eat everything and anything that is bad bad bad for me within a twenty mile radius. 

I got up this morning and before I even stepped foot out of bed, I firmly resolved that today I would go shopping to find really truly GOOD food. Not just good FOR me, but good tasting, too. I knew that a new grocery store had opened in town and I thought that I would check it out. 

I'm glad that I did. It's an interesting store, part of a local chain, which specializes in local and organic products. But they also carry some national non-organic brands as well. It's a nice mix of a "nuts and berries" and "the local chain grocery store" kind of place. 

I strolled around the store picking up fruits and vegetables and feeling pretty smug about my choices.....and I decided that after making a really good wholesome dinner, that I would indulge in a dessert: one piece of excellent chocolate.

I was drooling all up and down the candy aisle, when a perky salesgirl asked if she could help me. I told her that I wanted to choose one - just one - piece of to-die-for chocolate.

"That's easy!" she replied, and grabbed a bar of organic chocolate off the shelf and began to unwrap it.

"This is my fave. Want a taste?"

I looked at her with amazement. Then slowly took a small corner and began to nibble. Mmmmmm..........she was right. What a great mix of chocolate, and salt, and nuts.

"So? You like?" she grinned. "Have some more!"

Epic. Win.


Gertrude said...

I have had that one before...and the peppermint...and the rasberry...our local Health Food store sells them. I have a neighbor who told me about them. She has self-control though. They keep an assortment on their counter and takes an occasional piece after dinner.

Orb Weaver said...

That grocery girl has EXCELLENT taste! What a great policy that she can just grab a bar of that stuff and offer a taste to the customer...At QFC we could do that with icing/potato salad/olives or what not but we couldn't open something that we didn't make in store. Awesome!