Monday, January 30, 2012

I'll Let Y'all Know How Well This Stuff Works

Well, people, it's been a boring day here at Julia's house.

Which means that I couldn't think of a post which is informational, or inspirational, or confrontational, or even mildly sensational.

Which also means that y'all get stuck with an observational type post, and you know what THAT means.

Sorry. In advance.

So here at my boring house today, I've been noticing - that's the observational part - that I need to add more fiber to my diet. I won't elaborate any further on what body symptoms that I observed in my GI tract that indicate I need more fiber.

You're welcome.

I was thinking about that as John and I cruised through the grocery store earlier in the day, and although I already had crammed a gazillion different fruits and veggies into my grocery cart, was mulling over in my mind other possible, erm......intestinal motility enhancers. I happened to stroll through the juice aisle and noticed a bright yellow bottle waaaaay down at the bottom of the shelf:

Hey! Not a bad idea, I thought. Actually, I like the taste of prunes and prune juice. But the thought of just pouring myself a glass every morning for breakfast seemed a bit.....geriatric. And boring. What could I do to jazz this stuff up, I wondered as I tossed it into the cart and headed over to the check-outs.

When I got home, I plunked the groceries down in the kitchen. And was struck with an idea of such brilliance that I just can't even begin to convey it to y'all.

Are you ready for this? Prune SODA POP.

Yes! I can't believe that nobody else has thought of this. What genius! What cleverness! It's so crazy that it just might work!, I thought.

I have this cool contraption that turns plain water into carbonated water. So I gassed up a bottleful.

See all the bubbles? Mmm. Fizzy.  

And then dumped in a bunch of the prune juice.

And ended up with a beverage that looked very, very brown. And bubbly.

Here's the thing - it tastes REALLY GOOD! No, I'm not kidding. Seriously.

It tastes.......barely sweet.....and with just a hint of slight dark chocolate-type overtones......with a fruity bouquet....a lingering effervescence......and pretty darned good.

I asked John what I should call my newest fabulous idea, and he looked skeptically at the bottle and thought for a bit. Then decided that it probably would taste better with some rum.

........and then it could be called a "Rum Runner".


Silly man. I don't think I'll take his advice.

I think I should come up with a really spiffy name for this outrageously wonderful cool product and then patent it.

Help me think of a name, guys. I'll share the profits and we'll all be millionaires.


sissyjane said...

I've had the same issue, and I fixed it by adding a heaping scoop of flax seed MEAL to my mornig cereal. Believe me. It's a good thing. Make sure you get the meal, as it's already ground.

Amy Junod said...

I'm mind keeps taking me back to the spirited version. Rum Runner. That's where the money is!

ShEiLa said...

I have been very curious about a soda stream at my house... thanks for letting me know about it.

Also... sisters have recently found Phillips Colon Health... they love it. (sometimes it's not just about the fiber - only you know your body though.)

I was told that Dr. Pepper has prune juice in it... went to their website FAQ center... it does not. I love diet dp and thought you were really onto something special for me.

I loved your post! Go Julia!!!


FFW said...

Go Juice?
Happy Bowels?

Smooth Operator?

I'm sure I will come back with more.
You're welcome.

Debbie said...

I love it....made me LOL - really loud. A boring day turned into a great post. I like John's idea of "Rum Runner."

C said...

Dr Pepper is prune flavored soda