Monday, January 16, 2012


I am still smiling wickedly at the flurry of responses that Terese's mother of the bride dress evoked. Don't worry. I won't allow my bratty inner child to pull ranks on me and wear a faux jeweled splashy tropical style dress, no matter how much she tantrums. But I would like to ask all you sjoggie fashionistas a favor. Would you send me pics of some dresses that you think would be a good choice? Let's see.....what things would be helpful..... Comfort. Definitely. And a style that would not be prone to wardrobe malfunctions as these seem to happen to me more than they should. Um....and the neckline definitely on the higher side in case those pesky lupus spots continue to pop out on my neck and chest. Oh-and a fabric that would be forgiving if I should have one of those dumb stupid drenching perspiration episodes. And, it goes without saying that I would expect this dress to make me appear at least twenty pounds lighter. Well now, that shouldn't be too difficult.


Anita Rowe Stafford said...

The "miracle dress"! We all want one!

Unknown said...

Hmmm. . .here are a few that I like:

Gorgeous sateen wrap dress (very forgiving but still dressy; I love it in the Batik Blue color):

More traditional Mother-of-the-Bride dress:

Matte jersey is incredibly forgiving and comfortable (you'd need to dress this one up with fancy accessories):

Kimono dress (on sale!):

ShEiLa said...

I think my fav from Sjogren's Style is the traditonal beaded mesh dress... next the Sateen wrap.

When my daughter got married May 2010 I tossed fancy aside and got a black skirt and white blouse and dressed it up with a gorgeous pashmina scarf. Doing it that way... I have been able to wear it again and again in different ways... with different scarves. For my first daughters wedding I got a flowing pink flowery dress that I have only worn once... at her wedding. So I hope you pick something that you really like.


cargillwitch said...

ohh thank GAWD. I was scared silly you were serious with the photo yesterday.
It was.. well.. very colourful.