Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So, I am convinced that my computer issued are literally giving me a pain. No, not there, silly. In my tummy. It's stress. I am sure of it. And lack of a functioning "airport" wireless gizmo on my Mac laptop. My new buddy, Jose the bartender tonight, tells me that his signature margaritas are a sure fire cure. So I gave his therapy a try by drinking three of them. In a row. Before dinner. As I queasily made my way to bed tonight, (no. I didn't drive. Hoo boy.) I speculated that I must have eaten a bum piece of broccoli with dinner. Or maybe it was the green beans. Darned vegetables. They'll getcha every time.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Dear Tech Gremlins,

Please back off and let Julia post and her computer resume working in general, or I will tell all our bratty inner children that you gremlins have a hidden stash of chocolate you are keeping from them.

Just sayin'.