Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where DID She Go?

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Hey, you guys?

Has anyone seen BICJ anywhere?

I think that I have momentarily misplaced her. Usually my bratty inner child Julia lurks just around the nearest corner and waits in breathless anticipation to break out in a major brattiness display. But

Don't get me wrong. My life would be infinitely easier if BICJ would just take a nice long nap. Like, about a hundred-year nap or so.

But I know better than to think that she's going to behave herself. And the latest information from my doctor - that my skin biopsy does indeed indicate that I have lupus - has me concerned on several fronts. Of course the obvious, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR MY LIFE????!!!????? has occurred to me.

But. I'd rather focus on something else here, if I may.

::Denial? Denial? Phhffffffffttt::

The thing is, in years past, as each new diagnosis was added to my medical chart's problem list, BICJ would immediately and completely take over. She and Goldie would have left the premises moments after the biopsy result arrived, tires squealing, stereo blaring, in search of the perfect donut. Or slice of pie. She'd be GONESVILLE, man.

But this go-around, she's very suspiciously absent.

I'm wondering if she's been hanging around with Terese's BICT. Boy, howdy. That wouldn't be pretty.....

And I know she's not hanging out with Bev's bratty inner child since Bev doesn't have one. Bev IS one. Bev is the perfect embodiment of a living breathing bratty inner child. Every day. All the time. Which is why I just love her to death.

I know better than to think that BICJ has learned better methods to deal with frustration and difficulty, so I expect her return eventually.

If you see her, will you tell her to go home? She really could raise a ruckus hanging around where she doesn't belong. And, truthfully........I kind of miss her. I could really use a raised glazed Krispy Kreme right now.


Leslie at SugarAndSpiceADK. said...

I am so sorry to hear that Julia AND her BICJ now have lupus added to her long list of AI ailments! I have cutaneous vasculitis with my Sjogren's, and every single day it seems there is a new "surprise" waiting for me on my legs. I'm done with autoimmune surprises, aren't you? Aaargh.

FFW said...

Sorry about the new dx-I'm working through my own issues of trying to get names for the stuff that makes me bitchy. If you don't mind all that much, I will be stealing the BIC concept. Now I can actually name the thing that takes over when reality pisses me off! Gentle hugs to you!

Julia Oleinik said...

FFW - There's nothing to steal. We ALL have a bratty inner child that's just waiting to be unleashed. Can't wait to see what yours does.

Hey. We should all have a play date for our bratty inner children....

Anonymous said...

I don't know for an inner child, but I'm sure I have an inner cat ! Who only wish to comes out and have a nap !

Amy Junod said...

I'm sorry Julia. My Grannie used to say, "If it's not an ass, it's an elbow!" This was usually over more trivial things than a serious diagnosis. It's just a phrase that pops into my mind when ever a new phase of my stupid auto immune thing pops up. Asses and elbows.
Thinking of you while BICJ is on break.