Monday, December 12, 2011

Quit, Already.

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My face is melting again.

Way back early on in my autoimmune adventure, one of the first symptoms that was especially troublesome for me was the fact that any activity whatsoever would result in profuse perspiration on my face, trunk, neck and scalp.

It was so embarrassing. I was still working at the time, and a simple walk down the hall to my office would leave me mopping my face as soon as I sat down at my desk. My hair would become damp and sweat would literally drip from the back of my neck if I didn't keep dabbing and wiping with the big white cotton handkerchiefs that I began toting around. I quickly gave up on Kleenexes since they would leave white fuzzy stuff all over my face. Attractive.

I learned that in order to begin my work day looking presentable, I had to do things in stages: Shower. Wait. Dress. Wait. And forget the whole makeup thing until at least another hour had passed, or the exertion of just getting ready for the day would melt that makeup off my face as soon as it was applied, if I could get it on at all through all the perspiration constantly forming and dripping down my forehead, cheeks and nose.

So I'd drive to work while the latest round of sweat dried (ew. sorry.), then sit in the parking lot applying makeup by the light of the car's vanity mirror. Some days the makeup job was particularly....interesting, given that day's light and the colors of eye shadow that I had tossed into my purse.

But in the end, I should have saved the time and effort and expense of even trying to put the stuff on at all, because after an hour, everything had melted and dripped off my face yet again and was mopped up by and covering my white hanky.

Slowly, that delightful (?) phase of prolific perspiration diminished somewhat over the years, only to show up during flares or particularly vigorous activity. But. Gradually over the last month or so, it's returning.

I hate this.

And even though I rarely worry about keeping makeup intact on my face, those few times when I do want to appear somewhat well-groomed, this is a real pain. I wonder why it's re-appeared?

Another item to add to my question list for Dr. Young Guy.

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