Thursday, November 24, 2011

What A Holiday

Thanksgiving at our house is a dual holiday.

Daughter number one was delivered on Thanksgiving 1984. I had made a zillion and one pumpkin pies for a big family hooplah Thanksgiving dinner, certain that this was the one day that I couldn't possibly go into labor. After all, how many babies are born ON their due date? Phhhfffft. Couldn't happen.

And, of course, I was wrong. The in-laws enjoyed the pies. John and I enjoyed our new baby girl.

So ever since then, we refer to Daughter number one as our "little turkey". After which she obligingly gobbles extraordinarily well.

You should hear her. I mean, she's amazing.

D#1 loves combining her birthday with Thanksgiving. Ever since she has been just a tiny little girl, we have always made turkey cookies on her birthday to use at each place setting for Thanksgiving dinner.

Applying the eyeballs. 

This year's batch turned out quite well, I think.

We decided that this year's little army of birds had attitude. Personality.

We love anthropomorphizing.

So the flock watched us devour D#1's birthday cupcakes.

We thought they looked aghast at the carnage that remained.



Don't worry, my birdie bunch. Nobody actually eats you guys. We're too full from the real thing, so you should be thankful.

Which reminds me........we should all be thankful. As I am: for just about everyone and everything that surrounds lucky old me.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


annie said...

I'll say it again, what a great family, and what a great sense of humor! I want to wish you all a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Happy eating, and Happy Birthday daughter numero uno!

Jenny P said...

My mom went into labor with my brother on his due date, the day BEFORE Thanksgiving, and the kicker there was she was ON HER WAY to the hospital for a scheduled c-section when it started! Your daughter was just obedient - my brother was a snot! Come to think of it, she went into labor with me on my due date too, I just didn't make an appearance for 2 more days lol:)

Still love the cookies, and I'd totally eat them!

Have the BEST double holiday, Julia & crew!!!

Laura said...

Happy birthday to D#1 and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

The turkeys look great. :)