Saturday, November 5, 2011

Princess Would Understand

At least these guys weren't forced to wear dolly clothes. Pic found here. 

I'm doggy-sitting for a friend this weekend. One of the dogs is a very very old schnauzer. She's such a sweet little thing, but she's definitely showing her age. So she wears little doggy diapers. Actually, I think she looks cute in them with her fluffy little grey tail poking out the special tail opening in the diapers. And she really doesn't mind wearing them, so it's all good.

I was stuffing this little furry woogie into a clean diaper this morning when suddenly I began to laugh as I remembered the one and only other time that I diapered anything other than a child.

One of my daughters had finished taking a baby-sitting class which was pretty comprehensive. So she accepted her first job with excitement, until she realized that the child she would be babysitting wore diapers. And that this was something that the class didn't discuss.

Mom! You've got to teach me how to put on a diaper! she said frantically. The parents were picking her up in just a few hours.

Hm. I had to think about this. Suddenly I remembered that a visiting family had left behind a package of Pampers awhile back, and that I had crammed them in the back of the linen closet thinking that they would probably need them on their next visit. I yoinked the package out of the closet, then wondered aloud what we could use to practice actually putting these things on......

At that moment, our kitty cat made the unfortunate decision to stroll by. Daughter and I looked at each other and laughed. I grabbed poor Princess kitty and plopped her down on my bed next to the diaper.

You can guess what happened next. Although the tail proved to be a bit of a challenge.

That sweet little cat just lay there and let us diaper and re-diaper her. Actually I wasn't all that surprised since the girls had dressed Princess in every doll outfit that they could think of and then drove her around in their Barbie convertible when they were little. What an unbelievably tolerant cat.

So she was repeatedly diapered until I was confident that Daughter would be proficient in changing an actual baby. Princess is lucky we didn't have actual baby wipes and were pretending with plain Kleenexes.

Daughter came home from her babysitting job beaming. Diapering a baby is so much easier than a CAT! she said.

I would agree. I think diapering a baby is easier than a cat. Or a schnauzer.


annie said...

You guys are too funny! Do they actually make doggie diapers, or does one use babies' diapers ? Just wondering.

Julia Oleinik said...

Yup. Actual doggie diapers with a special punch out tail opening.

Laura said...

Things I hope I never have to diaper: a cat, even a tolerant one. (I do not imagine either of ours would be tolerant of it, either, but luckily it hasn't come up.)

Dying of laughter, here.

(And not only do they have doggie diapers, they also have reusable cloth diapers for doggies, for those who worry about these things....)

Diapering a baby is also easier than diapering a toddler who hates the process of being changed, alas.