Thursday, November 17, 2011

Goooooooooooooooooo Sjoggies!

Yesterday's post regarding the publication of a NEW Sjogren's Syndrome Handbook elicited this response from Rebecca:

I received my copy last week in the mail. The book is really well written and has a lot of very good information. I would highly recommend it. I am still reading my copy, but won't fully delve into it until this week of finals is over! :)
Girl! I'm behind you all the way during these finals. AND, I know that there's lots of other sjoggies that are under stressful situations right now. Jennifer Pettit, for example.

I've decided that it's time to bring out a secret weapon here. Something that will encourage everyone out there that needs some support during difficult life moments such as finals, or job stresses, or health challenges.

Back in the '70s I was a member of our high school pom pom squad. Check out the black boots. Groovy, man. I'm the second one from the right.

I don't come even close to fitting into my uniform anymore but I can still cheer with the best of 'em. While sitting. And with a full glass of water nearby. And wearing comfy stretchy yoga pants. And orthopedic inserts in my shoes.

So. Here's a sjoggie cheer that's guaranteed, I'm not sure what it will do except motivate me to stay on a diet. And for everyone else, provide a bit of comic relief.

C'mon everyone! Join in! Let's do a sjoggie cheer!!!

Ahem. Are we all stretched out and ready to go? Got your poms all fluffed and at waist height? Vaseline on your teeth so that you can keep smiling without your lips sticking to them? Lines straight?

Alrighty, then. Here we go!

Rah! Rah! Rah!
Siss Boom Bah!
Sjoggies are the best, so HA HA HA!

Rah Rah REE!
Kick 'em in the KNEE!
Rah Rah RASS!
Kick 'em in the....

(oops. Wrong cheer.)

Sorry. Let's regroup, people.

Um...dang....which cheer should we do next.....

Quick! Diversion! High kicks! Splits if you've got 'em, girls!

(Insert thunderous crowd applause here.)

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Amy Junod said...

OOO. Our drill team had white boots!

Jazz hands!