Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Swimming Must Resume

I wonder if they'll notice that I'm gone.


The senior water aerobics class ladies over at the community center. Don't jump to conclusions, here. I'm still going to be swimming. But after some careful thought, I've reluctantly decided to change pools.

So it's goodbye to this beautiful building and setting:

And hello to this one:

Here's the thing. After Terese and I joined the community center, John thought it was such a dandy idea that we got a family membership, with the idea that he'd join me over there on occasion. But on the few times that he jumped into the pool with me, it was early evening or on the weekends, which meant that the place was over-run with very small splashing, shouting, and running amok children, God love 'em.

John was not amused. He hasn't been back since. He loves kids, ours especially, but doesn't particularly want to swim with everyone else's kids. When they cut across his swimming lap lane while bashing another kid over the head with a soggy noodle floaty and screaming bloody murder, for example. He says it messes up his stroke rhythm.

I can't say as I blame him.

Then there's the fact that the center is across town and is located smack dab in the middle of a five year road construction project. I'll use any excuse possible to not exercise, even those little inconveniences such as waiting for a flagger to move traffic along. Every stinkin' time. Which takes forever.

So it's been awhile since I've tossed my stuff into one of the community center's pool lockers. But this has to change.

John and I mulled the swimming and exercise deficiency issue over coffee one night. One thing was certain, we were going to drop the family plan fee over at the center, since John's two swims probably cost, more than I care to remember. John knows, however. He keeps track of EVERYTHING. But then that's a post for another day.

OK. Single membership. I'm fine with that. We moved on to the other reasons that I'm just not heading that way recently. John suggested that I look around and compare prices and facilities around town. So I've settled on a health club which is located in a senior retirement center, to my surprise.

For the same price, this health club offers public memberships at about the same price as the community center, minus the rambunctious kid factor. AND provides generously sized fluffy towels, AND free locks on their lockers. AND no chewing gum stuck to the edge of the hot tub. It's much much closer to our house, and certainly won't be surrounded by bulldozers and detours any time soon. I hope. What a deal. I'm heading over for my first swim there today. I'll keep y'all posted.

Good bye, you wonderful wise-cracking SWAC gals. I hope I meet another set just like you over at my new pool.

I hope the new ladies don't moon me.


Laura said...

I hope it works out! I have pool envy. (Mine are half hour away. Needless to say, even when I have a swimsuit that fits, I don't make it often. Sigh.)

Anonymous said...

I hope you will have fun there too !! I have to go back to swimming the doctor said. I wish I could be as courageous as you.