Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I've Got a Beanie Baby And I Know How To Use It

Guys. Y'all have to STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING and head over to read this post from Doc Gurley entitled 10 Creative Ways To Get Your Doctor To Wash His Hands.

It's a serious topic - avoiding MRSA infections, specifically avoiding acquiring this nasty germ from your doctor. 

But of course, since it's written Doc Gurley, she approaches this very serious topic with wit, sarcasm, and a healthy dose of humor. My kind of gal.

Here's two of my favorites from her top ten list, but go read them all.
- Bring a roll of blue tape to your appointment. Make a blue-line circle around yourself on the floor, at least five feet in diameter. This approach has the added benefit of giving you something to do besides reading a June 1997 Parents magazine during your hours of freezing semi-naked in the exam room. When the doctor finally arrives, say, while looking up over the top of your wrinkled magazine, “Hi. Just waiting for you here in my clean hands zone. If you’d like to join me, the sink is over there.” 
- Bring a beanie baby and a pair of scissors with you to your appointment. Stand in the far corner of the exam room. While you wait, muss your hair until it is wild, re-button your shirt so that you skip a few buttons, and practice having an eye twitch. When the door opens, hold the tip of the scissors to the soft furry neck and shriek, “Either wash your hands or the beanie baby gets it! We’re talking millions of tiny plastic beads spurting all over the floor! Don’t make me do it!”

You can buy your very own Chippette Chipmunk beanie baby here.

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BD said...

HA! That's great :) but on a serious note, ewww! these doctors, I actually had to ask one to put on gloves before touching my rash! :/ can you say awkward?? luckily it was not my regular doc that I dealt with but I wanted out of there after that.