Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm Anthropomorph-izing Again

My Goldie looks just like this after she's had a spa day. This Goldie's pic was found here. 

Gosh, I had fun last night.

John and I had been out shopping, and he dropped me off in front of our mailbox, which is about a half a block from our house. The minute I stepped out of the Prius, Goldie started her warning beep which meant that I had taken my computer chip key with me. Goldie doesn't need an actual key to be inserted anywhere, the driver just has to have the computer chipped key fob inside the car. Or very near the car. Pretty spiffy.

Yep. This is it.

 I just hop in with the computer chip inside my purse, push the ON button and away we go. This device is pretty smart even when I'm pretty dumb. It won't allow itself to be locked inside the car, and if a kid climbs into the car and pushes the start button, it won't start unless the person is big enough to have a foot on the brake AND a finger on the button, AND the fob in the car. Slick. When I have to drive our other standard-put-the-key-in-the-ignition-and-turn-it vehicle, I have issues remembering what to do.

So. After I had collected our mail, I dangled the fob in front of John and the complaining Goldie.

"Here Goldie! Here, Goldie!" I stood just close enough that she recognized the computer chip, and she silenced her beeping and rolled silently forward, using her batteries. I trotted ahead with my car on an electronic leash. Good thing John was still behind the wheel.

Probably also a very good thing that it was late and very dark and most of our neighbors couldn't see or hear us out in the street. I hope.

"Who's my favorite car? Who is it? Is it GOLDIE? Yes it is! Yes it is! Goldie is my favorite cutie wootie car!!"

If I got too far ahead of her, she'd start beeping, so I'd take a few steps back, after which she'd happily follow me again. Now THAT'S real fun, people.

It's a very very good thing that my husband tolerates his wacko wife's antics. I figure I have to look for weirdness wherever I can, and when I find it, it makes me very very happy, which is also a very very good thing.

We tucked Goldie safely away in her garage stall for the night. Sweet dreams, little car. See you in the morning.....


Jenny P said...

LOL love it:) Definitely a good use of technology.

Laura said...

*laughing* That is GREAT. Had to share with Scott also. That sounds like so much fun!

The only way my car would follow me down the street would be with someone else actually doing all the work of turning it on and driving it, or if I found a nice hilly section of town and forgot to set the parking brake. This sounds a lot more pleasant and entertaining. :)