Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Over Hill, Over Dale, as We Hit The Dusty Trail....

Public domain image by Paolo Neo

So THIS is why I love traveling back to the midwest.

Did I mention that John and I and Terese and Greg are heading off to see the relatives? We're going to be visiting my parents, and John's mother, and everyone else inbetween. It should be a great adventure, as these types of trips always are. Greg and Terese are great fun to travel with and after several outings together, we all slip into vacation mode together easily.

A rare thing, isn't it? To be able to travel effortlessly with another couple? We're so lucky. Hm. Wonder if Greg and Terese feel the same way about things.....

So. Back to my story. We've been booking our hotel reservations, and wanted to stay one night in a rather remote location. There weren't many hotels to choose from, and judging by some of their websites........well, let's just say only one appeared to be a possibility.

Now, I'd have different hotel standards here if I were a snowmobiler, or a hunter, or outdoors-y kind of adventurer. But we just wanted a clean, safe, comfy place to spend one night as we continue our tour, which left us with one hotel. After exchanging several voicemails, I finally was able to speak to the owner.

(Insert name of northwoods-y place here) Hotel, how may I help you?

Oh, great! Finally a real live person!, I babbled.

Patient silence.

Right. Um, we were looking to book two rooms for one night. Would that be possible?

Sure.'s the thing: Actually we are closed until the hunting season starts. The hotel, the restaurant, everything.

I'm not following you here. You're closed?

Yes. But here's what we could do for you. I'll get two rooms ready for you. I'll put a sign up on each of your room's doors with your name on it. The key to lock the room's door will be inside each room. You can just come on in, stay the night, and then when you leave, just lock it up.


Sure. I trust you.


 I signed us up for two rooms at a ridiculously low rate. Ahhh. Midwestern hospitality. There's nothing like it.

What could possibly go wrong?

Yeah, yeah, I know. Plenty. But that's part of the adventure, right?

The trip planning continues. I'll keep y'all posted.

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ShEiLa said...

Amazing story.

Love it!!! That is hospitality.