Friday, September 16, 2011

I've Promised Not To Tell

Very strange anonymous person picture found here. 

I  know that I'm incredibly fortunate to have found my latest rheumatologist, Dr. Young Guy.

Dang. I really, really wish that I could share his name and location with all of those that have requested it, but I'm not able to do that, and here's why.

I have discussed my blog with my doctors, and have asked for their permission to write about our appointments, with the caveat that I would never disclose their name or location. All have agreed, and some have even read a few of my posts. I can understand their reticence to have their name "out there" since we all know the issues that can arise from unauthorized personal information being circulated. Especially about physicians and other health professionals.

The few times that I have listed a physician specifically by name and location have been with their explicit permission.

I have asked my friends' permission to blab all about them and our adventures on Reasonably Well, too. I wonder if any of them regret telling me yes.....

(Greg? Terese? It's too late to back out now.)

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