Monday, September 12, 2011

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Today, I'm scheduled to have an appointment with my new rheumatologist. I'll wait until tomorrow to put up a post about something seriously Sjogren's - like. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say about this cranky old body of mine.

In the meantime, can you handle another Terese/Julia story?


Remember the ACCESSORIZE/NECKLACE incident? No? Well. Let me refresh your memory.

I wore this necklace to church one Sunday, on the advice of my friend Susan, who thought I needed some accessorizing.

A rather attractive necklace, I might add. 

Terese, who misses NOTHING from her perch up in the choir loft, thought that my necklace actually looked like the one pictured below (which she actually took the time and effort to make) and wore it to my house a few days later. She flounced around for a whole hour waving it in my face before I noticed it:

Smarty pants. Yikes

As it turned out, a week after all that silliness, we celebrated Terese's birthday. With John and my friend Karen's help, Terese's version of the aforementioned accessorized necklace, wrapped it up in a fancy gift box and presented it to her after she blew out her birthday pie candles:

I thought the birthday candle candelabra was an exceptionally tasteful accessory for the pie. 

Ooooo. Aaahhhh. Happy Birthday, Terese, you lucky fashionista!

Greg was happy the necklace was returned because he wanted his bottle opener back. 

I think our addition was pretty spiff. Can you see it? The lovely hardware pendant?

Somewhere around here, a water faucet is missing it's handle, but we don't care. It was happily sacrificed in the interest of tasteful accessorizing. After all, fashion is EVERYTHING around our neighborhood. Sniff.

I expect to see her wearing this very fashionable and very special gift in a very public place VERY SOON.


Like maybe next SUNDAY.


Amy Junod said...

Your contribution is the element that really makes it a must have for this fall's line!

Julia Oleinik said...

Yes, I'm thinking so too, Amy. You obviously have a fabulous accessorizing acumen, missy.