Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Shower VS BICJ

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Well. I got up today feeling smugly confident that my energy reserves were sufficiently replenished to the point that I could consider going out and about. Hm, I thought. Bev asked me to drop by today, and then after that I could do some shopping, and run those books back to the library, and then.....

I was musing in the bathroom just as I was getting ready to take a shower. Since I was preoccupied with planning my day, I didn't take off my glasses as I usually do when heading for the shower.

This was problematic. When I don't have my glasses on, I seriously can't SEE how yukky the shower is. But today, I had the 20/20 vision thing going on. Oh, gross. When did the shower get so pathetically grimy? Ewwww.....

I turned the shower off and grumpily went looking for cleaning supplies.

Aw, gee.....We didn't see anything, really! Just ignore um...the whole pink slime thing. Take off your glasses and take your shower and head over to Bev's. Or better yet, let's just skip showering today..

Dang. I stopped in my tracks. She's at it again ......

Get BACK into your time-out corner, BICJ!

I thought I had that bratty inner child corralled for awhile after her last stunt...geez.

Sulk. Pout. Don't want to clean the shower.

I know. I don't want to either. But one of us has to be a responsible grownup here.

No we DON'T. And if we clean the shower, we'll be done for the day. It takes up way too much energy. Bev thought we should do luuuunnnncccchhhh together today....(wheedle wheedle wheedle).

Back! Back, girl!!

Oh, c'mon! Look, just grab some clean underwear and your jeans and walk away. Just walk away know you want to.

Drat. BICJ has a point, I thought.


Shut up, you.

So, what she's right about is that if I clean the shower and then actually take a shower, I will be sweating like crazy for a couple hours, and be all quivery shaky and completely mindless. And even if I am able to stand upright after cleaning the shower and getting dressed and doing my hair and putting makeup on and I make it out to Goldie, I'll probably be so brain foggy that I won't even remember how to drive to Bev's house, I thought.

I took a look again at the pink slime thing living in the tracks of the scummy glass shower doors. Sigh. I decided that Bev or no Bev, I simply couldn't just run off and leave it there. (And what IS that stuff, by the way? This is the first house that I've lived in that grows pink slime under the shower doors, no matter what cleaning product I use).

Grumbling, I stuffed my hands into my Playtex Living Gloves  while thinking about how I would phrase my excuses for not appearing at Bev's house.

Can I just say something here?


Whatever. Listen, why don't we just do the pink junk today, and maybe tomorrow do the shower walls, and the day after that we'll do the glass doors.

You mean, like, pacing my activities to conserve energy? I can't believe that I'm hearing a logical suggestion from you. may have just redeemed yourself.

Woo!! Does this mean we can stop at Krispy Kreme on the way over?!?



Laura said...

BICJ just wanted to still get her fun day, and saw when being practical was more use than trying to wheedle out of the whole thing.

Well, her fun day, and a donut.

Pink stuff? Odd!

Amy Junod said...

Yea BICJ! Where would we be without her? I have scrapped posts and even have some pending because I was afraid to admit how much I talk to "myself".
It stinks having follow the laws of Sjogrens. Having to pick between fun and yucky jobs...who would blame BICJ?

Kelly said...

Don't start me on the stuff that grows in the tracks of shower doors. BICJ has a point. If houses were designed properly with doorless shell showers, a LOT of that yuck would be eliminated.

It's because the PEOPLE (dare I say men???) who design houses (and the things that go in them like bathroom fixtures) don't CLEAN them that we get showers with all those nooks and crannies for growing pink slime.

And it's not just that it's an energy drain to clean the bathrooms. I found I was getting repeated sinus infections (another Sjoggie manifestation, who knew?) from the irritating fumes of the cleaning fluids used to get pink/black/green/red slime and hard water deposits out of the showers.

Luckily, I don't have to do it anymore as hubby took pity and urged me to hire it done, but that's not an option for everyone. Good design in the first place to make maintenance easy would be much better.

When we remodel the 40 year old bathrooms, we are eliminating the shower doors! Yippee!! (Again, dare I mention the designer who submitted a design with a doorless shower stall is a woman???)