Saturday, August 13, 2011

Readers – Help Improve My Blog & Share Your Thoughts!

I wanted to share this new project I’m working on with WEGO Health to learn more about my blog and about all of you who read it!

First some background: For those of you who aren’t familiar with WEGO Health, they’re a different kind of social media company focused on helping Health Activists – folks like me who use the internet and social media to connect with others around health topics.  WEGO Health’s mission is to empower Health Activists to help others, and they offer Health Activists the chance to get involved with video through, to learn and connect through webinars and chats, and to gain a voice in the healthcare industry through insight panels and the Health Activist Speakers Bureau.

Now WEGO Health is launching the Reader Insight Program – helping Health Bloggers like me to gather feedback from their readers, while telling you a bit about yourself.  At the same time, WEGO Health has a chance to see if any of you are Health Activists eligible for their programs.  I know many of you out there are as dedicated sharing health info and I have a feeling you’re Health Activists too.

I agreed to try the Reader Insight Program because I’m excited to learn more about why you visit my blog and how I can make it even more valuable for you.  I hope you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts with me by taking WEGO Health’s Quick Quiz. By taking the quiz, you’ll help me learn what you need – and you’ll also receive customized social media tips for yourself!

A few things to know about the program:
WEGO Health will gather your quiz responses and feedback for 2 weeks starting today. After the 2 weeks are up, they’ll create a Reader Insight Report for me (then I’ll share it with you.)
Your responses will be shared with me anonymously – please be candid!
Your information will not be shared or sold by WEGO Health.

Thank you for helping me make my blog even more engaging.  I can’t wait to see you what you think!


Laura said...

I was curious, so I went to look. And at "When I am online for health information, I use [check all that apply]:" I had to laugh.

When I am online for health info...I use GOOGLE, people. Search engines are not even MENTIONED there. what I use after that depends on the quality of hits I get! :)

And, alas, no part of the survey will let me tell them that, either - there's no freeform comments on the earlier questions.

Kelly said...

Like Laura, I thought it odd they didn't give us search engines as a choice for where we go to find information.

And since I worked for years at the reference desks of various local libraries, I didn't really need them to tell me I was a "Librarian," although technically I was a Library Assistant trained to do reference. A fine distiction I know, but Librarians tend to be like that.

I don't know how helpful my post was as I think your blog is like Mary Poppins...practically perfect in every way.