Saturday, August 6, 2011

Learning My Lessons

Y'all have been entirely too sympathetic and kind in response to my medication confession.

While I appreciate all those warm fuzzies, in all actuality they are not what I need right now. You guys are far too nice to actually deliver the response that I deserve.

No, in order to prevent this from happening again, I need a very good talking-to. An attitude adjustment that my friend Carla would call a Come-To-Jesus discussion. Something along the lines of:

What on earth were you thinking? You KNOW better than to skip your meds! So you're still feeling like you've been hit by a bus? Still aching and tired? And you're moping around because you're missing a DESSERT party because you feel like crap?

You are? MmmHmmm. Well

It's exactly what you deserve, missy! So suck it up and learn from your mistakes, Miss BICJ. Now go sit yourself in the corner and put your nose on the wall and THINK ABOUT IT. And if you don't put that tongue back in your mouth, you'll be sitting there feeling like crap for a whole MONTH. Don't you be sticking your tongue out at ME, young lady.  

Yes, Ma'am. I will, Ma'am.

Can I come out of my corner now? Please?

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annie said...


You have a gift of finding the exact image to go with your topic of discussion. I looked at the picture and knew it had to do with BICJ!

I'm sure you've learnt your lesson...never stop taking meds because your body pays for it later on,but I'm sure the freedom from popping meds must have felt like you were a normal healthy person just going about your regular day. And that's all we all really want, right? Glad you're better.

Laura said...

Ah, but I try never to parent someone else's child unless they've actually been left in my care. Lecturing BICJ is *not* my job. :)

I have enough fun with my kiddo. (Who is still disturbing his dad periodically by eating food so heat-hot that he shivers with it, but refuses to take it out of his mouth.)

phsymom said...

Yep, that sounds like my Come-To-Jesus discussions with myself.

New to the blog and will be catching up on older posts asap.