Saturday, August 27, 2011


I decided to include the power cord in this pic since I run the battery out twice a day. 

Yes, it's true. I've officially joined this decade and am now the proud owner of an iPhone.

Wait. Maybe the word confused should be substituted for proud in that sentence.

These things are amazing, as everyone else in the whole wide telecommunications world knows. My friend Bev and I met for lunch yesterday and I waved my phone at her in frustration.

How do these stinkin' things work?!? I can make a call and I can send messages but there's so much else I could be doing with it but I have absolutely no clue!

Bev snorted in agreement. We were eating at her favorite restaurant, El Pollo Loco. She and I are some of the original members of a mom's group dubbed the Mocha girls from about twelve years ago. We decided that since we were charter members, we have the right to rename our coffee group the Loco girls instead. We've moved on from mochas...

As usual, I digress. Sorry.

Anyway, we both confided that we were slightly intimidated to ask our tech savvy families and friends more about the workings of these ridiculously talented phones. We figured they didn't need any more proof of our battiness than they already knew. So we sat sipping sodas and handing each other's phones back and forth over the shrapnel of our lunches.

So how do you un-install that thing I bought from the app store that was really stupid? Oh, cool! have Angry Birds? I want that!

Have you actually turned your phone all the way off? Oh, hey! So that's the way you do it.'re a lifesaver.

We started speaking in low conspiratorial tones, but as our discussion went on and we realized that we could swap info with each other without feeling too stupid, the volume of our voices went up and up and UP and........then I realized that the two tables near ours was filled with teenagers. Very amused teenagers listening to us shout with glee over each new tidbit of information.  I can just image what they were thinking: Get a load at the two senior citizens figuring out their phones. Hilarious.

They're right. But we had fun.

Powah to the iPhone-toting-old-ladies! There should be an app for that....


ShEiLa said...

Oh I love your sense of humor.

I have talked to friends that use the whole droid type tech... and they say don't ever go there.

I don't know if I ever will give into iphone either... since all I use mine phone for is talking.

YOUR last sentence is priceless!


Jenny P said...

My favorite phrase: "...over the shrapnel of out lunches". OMG. So accurate - love it.

Took me a while to adjust to my BlackBerry, my first smartphone. I have no interest in an iPhone, but might consider a Droid. Shawn has one - the problem is I need the physical keypad on the BB b/c the Droid touchscreen ... um, well...doesn't always register my touch when my hands are cold. Damn Raynaud's. LOL:)

sue said...

I just have basic cell phone. It has a camera but that is about it. You will like angry birds, it is such a great way to waste time waiting in doctor's offices. My daughter has it on her ipod touch. It is really addictive so be carefull. I bought the eagle to go with it so that if I get really frustrated by a level I can just blow everything up and move on to the next one.

Laura said...

Jenny - many of the ones (including newest iPhones) that have only a touchscreen keyboard built in can take a bluetooth external keyboard. I use one with my iPhone when composing long things (the on-screen keyboard works for me, but it's kinda tedious for long things - great for texts, but...).

Julia -

1. Good luck with Angry Birds. I quickly realized that something that made me as angry as the birds was NOT a game I wanted and deleted it off the phone. Luckily I'd only tried the free one.

2. You only run your battery out twice a day? On a good non-work day I can manage more than that.... (I use it a lot less at work...unless I'm playing music with headphones which case I just plug the cable into the laptop at the outset!) Have you gotten a car-to-USB or car-to-iPhone adapter yet? I love being able to do that.

3. I am so wanting to recommend apps. I don't know if you want app recommendations, though! :) Um. Don't put Chuzzles on and let your godson find out about it, though. In fact, he'll probably ask for it as soon as he finds you have an iPhone, but if you can honestly say it's not there that'll reduce (not eliminate, of course) his interest in your phone. Hee.