Monday, August 8, 2011

Critter Therapy

I'm kitty-cat sitting for my daughter until she does her final move-in in San Francisco.

Genevieve is such a sweetie. A bit intimidated by Lulu, tho. I tell her, Girl. You are running on four wheel drive! Just pop out those claws and give her what she deserves!

But, she prefers to scamper out of sight when Lulu heads her way.

I love having her around. When I camp out on the couch for a nap, I love having all my furry critters around me. We nap together. I rarely need to put on a blanket since I have the body heat from two schnauzers - and now one kitty - keeping me warm.

Maggie likes to curl up wherever my feet are. Lulu wedges herself between me and a sofa cushion, preferably right around my belly button. Genny curls up on my head.

On my head. Yes.

Every time. And if she's not on my head, she plants a paw on me so that Mags and Lulu know that she's calling dibs on my person.

I was a little weirded out by a cat sleeping on my head initially, but now I like it. She's cozy. And vibrates when she purrs. It's kind of like wearing a fur hat with a massager in it.

Pets are such good buddies.


annie said...

People who have pets are lucky,indeed. I love my two cats, they know exactly when I'm not well, they'll cuddle right up to me when I lay down to rest.

Laura said...

My first cat growing up used to sleep on Mom's head. Mom was especially unamused, because she still curled her hair in those days. A heavy cat on old-style curlers is, apparently, not the height of night-time comfort.

Anonymous said...

Napping with a cat, nothing is better than that ! Cats are friends of Sjogren people.

Orb Weaver said...

Awwe...I miss Gen Gen so much! I need to snuggle her a bit when I visit you and dad!