Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Awwww! A New Pet!

It was probably a sign that I was ready to head back home.

I spent three days checking out Daughter number one's neighborhood while she began her new job. She returned each evening delighted that I was there so that she could share every minute of her day with me. I loved this. It is so important to me to know as many things as I can about my kids' days.....There are those that would say that ignorance is bliss when it comes to knowing all the details of a young adult's life but I disagree. The more that I know about the choices that my kids are making, the more I trust them and the better I feel. 

I'm not judgmental about their choices, either. Maybe that's why they seem so willing to share them with me. Of course, this doesn't mean that I'm not opinionated, and have no qualms about sharing those opinions with them, but I try to make it very clear that my opinion does not have any more merit than theirs does. 

This was not the case when they were all teenagers. But now that they're all in their mid twenties and older, well......ah, well. I've reined myself in considerably since then. 

So. I was packing up my suitcase in preparation for my flight when I noticed - again - this teensy little fly in DNO's apartment. He was there the day she moved in, and was still flying in his little circle in the living room as I was getting ready to leave. 

When we noticed him earlier, John said, Look at that fly. He's flying in the same circle in the same place over and over. How weird. I'll get something to smack him with

I said, Oh, no! Don't do that!

Daughter and John looked at me and laughed. Why not?

Because! He's your first California pet, honey! You should call him Herman!

They both looked at me and then looked meaningfully at each other. They know me too well. 

So Herman has been flying in his little circle all three days that I've been here, and he still is. I left the patio screen open for a bit this afternoon in the hopes that he would fly out, but guess what?

Now Herman has a little fly friend! They're both flying in the same circle now! I think Herman's new friend's name is Harry.

Yep. When I begin naming insects because I have nothing better to do, I think it's time for me to go home. 

So I did. 

Love you, DNO. Take good care of Herman and Harry.  

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