Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yesterday was dubbed World Sjogren's Day, in honor of Dr. Sjogren's birthday. You may recall that Dr. Henrik Sjogren was the first to identify Sjs back in 1933.

While I wholeheartedly support increasing awareness of Sjogren's syndrome, I have just a teensy bit of trouble putting the words CELEBRATE and SJOGREN'S SYNDROME together in the same sentence. Or paragraph.

Call me cynical. But I'm just not ready even after all these years to celebrate any aspect of Sjogren's syndrome. Sorry, Dr. Henrik. Not so excited to break out the party balloons, although a cake wouldn't be bad, come to think of it....and there will be no presents. Definitely NO presents.....unless they come in the form of massive amounts of research dollars.

But I can support the awareness and research fundraising! Head over to the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation to learn more.

Happy Birthday Dr. Henrik Sjögren!

July 23rd is World Sjögren's Day!

Click Here to make a donation!

World Sjögren's Day commemorates Dr. Henrik Sjögren's birthday while bringing organizations across the world together to raise awareness about this debilitating disease.

Join us in celebrating!
 Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000
for Sjögren's Research!
Your donation will help support research into new treatments and a cure for Sjögren's!

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