Friday, July 22, 2011

At Least Mine Weren't As Gross As Jim's

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Yesterday, I decided to pamper myself and get a manicure and pedicure. I never make appointments for these things, but just stop in at a nail salon that happens to be close to wherever my errands take me for the day.

So I dropped into a salon that I hadn't visited before. I chose my nail polish color and then plopped down into the chair that was offered to me. I settled back into the comfy leather massage chair and goofed around with the control until my back was being satisfyingly kneaded and warmed, and stuck my feet into the bubbly blue water in the attached basin.


I grabbed a People magazine - I never read those things except when I'm at a salon, honest - and was completely absorbed in celebrity gossip when my manicurist approached, and greeted me with a perfunctory "hello". She tapped my shins, indicating that she wanted me to remove my tootsies from the water and place them on the work station, which I did.

I looked over the top of my magazine to smile and say Hi, but noticed that she was looking at my feet intently.

Hm, she said.

She abruptly got up and disappeared into the back room. Then returned wearing rubber gloves. Yes. RUBBER GLOVES.

C'mon, now. Really? My feet are that bad? I know it's been too long since I had a pedicure, but....really??

I slouched behind my People magazine. And sneakily stole glances at the patrons on either side of me. They, like me, were reading trashy magazines while being mechanically pounded by their massage chairs. And.......whew. Their manicurists were wearing gloves, too.

So.....either the salon was full of people with really, really gross feet, or gloves were standard operating procedure.

Although I can't say for certain - I'm betting it was the latter.

Afterwards, I had my hair done.

I'm debating going with the bowl cut next time. You think?

You can see more Dumb and Dumber pictures here. Although why you would want to is beyond me...


annie said...

Loved that movie, and I still laugh at the really funny moments. Remember the scene when he flicks the lighter?

I would think that gloves would be standard wear for something hygienic like pedicures. If I would be doing the pedicure, I would certainly be using them. Did she at least do a good job?

Amy Junod said...

So funny Julia!