Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Unusual Project

I was asked to go take a few pictures of a small local cemetery yesterday. I agreed, but was thinking really? a cemetery? to myself. But it was a delightful warm sunny afternoon, and I was ready to escape the house for an hour or two. I'm glad that I went. It was fun.

I waited until the sun was a bit less intense, sprayed sunscreen everywhere I could think of, plopped my hat on my head, loaded the schnauzers and my camera into Goldie and off we went.

I found this little angel there. Isn't she beautiful?


Amy Junod said...

Beautiful shots! You have a talented eye! I love the angel shot.
There is a website where you can find or request a photo of a headstone. My aunt does this for and enjoys the outings.
Just the verification of dates and names can be the link that someone needs to finish a branch from a family tree.

Terese said...

Julia: I added some of these photos to the site for Holy Cross.

Anonymous said...

Beautifull. Cemetary are so peacefull, they are great place to have (in a respectfull way) a walk.