Saturday, May 21, 2011

Doggone Good Puzzle

I have grown to enjoy putting together jigsaw puzzles. John likes them as much as I do. There's something so relaxing about turning off the television or the radio, and just sitting in companionable silence as we sort and fit.

We finished our most recent one the other day. It was a folk-art type scene with lots of American flags.

It was the most satisfying kind of puzzle - one that has thick, brightly colored pieces, and a complex picture.

As we clicked the last few pieces into place, John and I realized that this was a very special puzzle. It was the only one in the last year that SOMEONE (small and furry and who's initials begin with L and end with ULU) has not chewed up one of it's pieces.

This poor apostle got his head chewed up by a schnauzer...for shame. Lulu said that Maggie did it, but we didn't believe it for a moment.

You look guilty as heck to me, Miss Lurk-Under-The-Puzzle-Table-Ready-To-Snack-On-A-Dropped-Piece.

We sent this one off to Goodwill with the words, ALL PIECES INCLUDED proudly scrawled across the box.

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