Monday, April 11, 2011

Wiki Sjogren's

WEGO Writer's Challenge Day 11: Revise your condition's Wikipedia page.

I dutifully typed Sjogren's syndrome into Wikipedia today, and found an entry that was well-researched and surprisingly extensive. Since I couldn't think of a thing to add or correct in the existing entry, I moved on to other Sjogren's entries on Wikipedia. Who knew there were so many other things besides Sjogren's syndrome that were named so similarly?

Of course there's a long list of accomplished people who have the surname Sjogren. But then there's also several other diseases and conditions which use the name Sjogren in their title - none of which were discovered by our own Dr. Henrik Sjogren of Sjogren's syndrome fame, BTW.

And then there's the Sjogren shotgun. Really - a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun designed by the Swedish inventor Carl Axel Theodor Sjögren, manufactured in Denmark by Haandvaabenverksäderna in 1909. It used an inertia system later revived by the Italian firm Benelli and today widely used in shotguns.

Aw. Makes me all misty-eyed for the days of my youth when my parents actually gave ME a .22 rifle and then turned me loose with it. Good thing all of the wildlife around our farm were better runners and fliers than I was a shooter....but boy howdy, watch out if you were a tin can, by golly.

I need to get myself one of these. I could designate myself as the official sheriff of the autoimmune disease community. I need some spurs and a rifle holster so that I could jingle (JINGLE, people. Not jiggle.) menacingly as I stride down some main street in the virtual Sjogren's syndrome world.

Howdy. *spit* Thar's a new sheriff in town, folks. *scratch* Yessirree, don't mess with Sheriff Julia, the meanest rootin' tootin' sjoggie this side I can take out one of them thar lymphocytes that's been cripplin' any saliva gland with one shot. Yep. Me and Lucky, here, mah trusty 12 gauge loaded up with DMARDs. *snort* Whuuut? Think yeh can take us?? 

High noon. Take cover. We'll be thar.


Anonymous said...

Hurray Sheriff Julia! Keep on hunting down Sjogren's for us all :D

Amy Junod said...

Now THERE'S a new way of looking at it! I've got an air pistol, can I play?

Julia Oleinik said...

Yes, Ma'am. I'm lookin' to get myself some deputies fur shore, Deputy Amy. *spit* Things could get tough.

Thomas Venney said...