Saturday, April 2, 2011

WEGO Day 2

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OK. Today's assignment from WEGO is to go to, and write about the word of the day and attempt to link it to my condition.

So today's WOD is gravitas:
GRAV-uh-tahs, noun; High seriousness (as in a person's bearing or in the treatment of a subject). Quote: At first sight the tall, stooped figure with the hawk-like features and bloodless cheeks, the look of extreme gravitas, seems forbidding and austere, the abbot of an ascetic order, scion of an imperial family who has foresworn the world.
-- John Lehmann, "T.S. Eliot Talks About Himself and the Drive to Create", New York Times , November 9, 1953
Well, now. I have to try to link the word gravitas to my autoimmune diseases? Hm.

It would be too easy and reasonable to link the serious repercussions of autoimmune diseases and my body to the word gravitas. But that would mean that I would have to be in a reasonable frame of mind. And given the fact that since I totally flunked my first assignment (I couldn't spell the word HEALTH, for cryin' out loud..) I have to admit that today I totally lack the serious - type frame of mind to effectively complete this assignment. And it's only day two. Yikes.

Hey - maybe that's my link to this decidedly cranky word.

I can't do anything logical or reasonable lately. Or gravitas.

Ah. Here it is: If I would approach my autoimmune diseases with the gravitas that they deserve, I would also probably manage my diseases better.

Someone with an attitude similar to gravitas would not admit to possessing an alter ego persona named Bratty Inner Child Julia, who repeatedly forces me to drive through Krispy Kreme donuts and eat half the box before I pull back into the garage. And Miss Gravitas would never deny any knowledge of where all those donut crumbs littering the car came from. To her husband who is trying to clean the car.

Someone with gravitas would never take time to seriously consider how bad liver disease would be if were the result of combining  methotrexate with a daily mango margarita.

Someone who possessed gravitas would never - ever - lie to her doctor when asked, "So did the medical assistant weigh you when you came in today?"

I'm hopelessly hopeless. I know. The situation is gravitas.

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Kelly said...

Okay, since I'm backtracking from the day after you invited people to participate in this 30 day event, the word for today is not gravitas, but tenterhooks: I am on tenterhooks awaiting the results of my most recent SSA and SSB tests.