Friday, April 15, 2011

A Schnauzer Solution

Poor Lulu and Maggie have been somewhat deprived of their walks since my hands have become inflamed and sore from the arrival of psoriatic arthritis. I used to strap on their gentle leaders, then click on their leather leashes. Without fail, I'd have to manipulate the leashes by pulling on them or winding them around my fingers. And since these two woogies are not particularly well-behaved, I was winding and yanking a lot.


I was excited when I spotted a potential solution at my local pet store. Once again I have to admit that I'm hopelessly gadget uneducated, but finally noticed one of those retractable leash thingies that seem to be everywhere these days. It can handle the weight of both of the girls, plus it has a cushioned hand grasp. I grabbed a doohickie that lets me attach both schnauzers, and presto!

So far it's working great.

I think schnauzer butts are so danged cute. Now I need to get MY lazybutt out there to walk them regularly. I have no more excuses.

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