Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Say It Isn't Over...

.....yet. Easter weekend was a riot, and like all good things, I really didn't want it to end. Lulu and I came up with a way to prolong the holiday festivities, though.

One of our favorite schnauzer blog sites posted pictures of two dogs nuzzling their way through a container of bouncy balls in search of a treat.

Hm....This gave us both an idea.

Lulu loved her Easter basket filled with empty plastic eggs and several small treats thrown in the mix. It kept her occupied for longer than I would have thought.

Meanwhile, I was occupied searching through the kids' empty Easter baskets looking for a lost jellybean here, a discarded Peep there. And I have to say that a few stuck-on strands of plastic grass doesn't diminish the yumminess of a Cadbury egg at all. Slightly chewy - but not bad.

Don't judge me because I'm pathetic....

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