Monday, April 4, 2011


Thanks for the complements on my wedding rings, guys.

The engagement ring that John gave me thirty one years ago had a very slim gold band and a lovely small diamond. After wearing it every day for twenty five years, the gold band wore completely away underneath the setting for the diamond.

So John and all three kids helped me choose a new wedding ring set for our twenty-fifth anniversary. It was incredible having our children with us as we replaced that very special ring. I had my engagement diamond re-mounted as a pendant.

Ahhh. Good memories.


sue said...

Lovely story about the rings. I inherited my dad's mother's engagement ring when I was in school. The band was also worn very thin after 70 years of wear so I had it made into a pendant as well. When I got married I used my mom's mother's wedding band. My grandfather must have bought my grandma a very substantial ring because even after many decades of wear, it looked fine when I got married. It would be great if I have a grand daughter some day that can use it on her special day.

Jenny P said...

That's so sweet:) My center stone in my engagement band was from the ring my husband's father gave his mother. They're divorced & remarried, so she obviously didn't wear it anymore, and I like the family history (no I don't think it's bad luck). Recently, my mom gave me my grandmother's wedding band. Turns out it was platinum! So, it's holding up pretty well. The stones are small, but it has a very pretty delicate impact and makes a great lefthand ring:) I hope it holds up for me to pass...I never thought about a ring wearing out but since it's platinum I think that one will last.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, with a lot of RA symptoms. I have been contemplating getting a clasp/release thingy put on my rings to make it easier to take them off when my fingers are swollen. Has anyone else tried these? I hesitate to alter my rings without hearing from other autoimmune sufferers out there. Any tips? When things are really bad, I put my rings on a long chain I can wear around my neck. It is long enough so I don't have to fiddle with the clasp to get it on, but my husband does have to put my rings on it.