Monday, April 18, 2011

MmmHmmmm. Sure.

WEGO blog prompt day eighteen: Write your daily routine in detail.

Well, now. Um. I'm imagining writing down
EVERYTHING......ick. Sorry, folks. Really - you don't want to know this. REALLY.

But - there's a better way! Let's play the opposite game, OK? You remember the opposite game, don't you? Whatever I say, you imagine just the opposite! This was a very very cool thing to do in junior high.

I'm much more comfortable playing the opposite game, so here goes:

Julia awakes at dawn, one arm draped gracefully over her softly tousled hair. She opens her eyes with a gentle smile on her face, stretches her arms overhead with the elegance of a ballerina, and slips her dainty feet into high heel slippers placed neatly under the bed. Her seafoam colored chiffon neglige swirls around her ankles as she glides down the stairs, while tying her matching delicate green bathrobe around her slender waist. 

"Good morning!" she trills in harmony with the birds singing merrily outside the kitchen window. "Good morning, darling birds!" 

A bluebird flutters to the windowsill, and eagerly hops onto Julia's outstretched perfectly manicured finger. She smiles and sets it free, watching it soar effortlessly away through the perfect blue morning sky.

Minutes later, she makes her way back upstairs to the bedroom balancing a bed tray lined with crisp white linen and laden with artfully arranged china, fresh steaming coffee, warm home baked cinnamon rolls, and a perfectly segmented grapefruit topped with a maraschino cherry half.

"My darling..." she coos. John awakens and sits up, as Julia plumps a pillow behind his back and sets his breakfast before him.

"Ah." he says. "It just wouldn't be morning without breakfast in bed. I simply don't know how you do it every day, my dear."


'Nuff said.

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annie said...

One can only dream in technicolor, but that scenario you just described seems too boring. Our lives are much more exciting than that, right?

Blogger Mama said...

Sounds like some of the Disney movies that my daughter is so fond of! lol

Jenny P said...

Well, you made ME smile, for sure...though you're idyllic scenario had one flaw...why did the grapefruit have only HALF a cherry? Surely the whole berry could have been nestled intact. Just sayin'...:) I think you should write children's books, I think you really love it so;)