Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Not A Secret

Today's Day 10 writing assignment:

You know the beloved Post Secret community? Write down a secret that really isn't a secret. Hint: A misconception about your condition, something people would think you'd be shy to disclose (but will!), or just something you want to shout from the rooftops!

Ah. It just so happens that this morning, I spotted a beautiful blue heron perched on my neighbor's rooftop. My postcard secret would read:

I wish that I could fly!

Just like my gorgeous blue buddy. I could see myself shouting Wheeeeeee!! while perched on my neighbor's rooftop....


annie said...

Nature reminds us of how wonderful life is despite so much negativity around us. That heron inspires peace and serenity, what a beauty. Sorry to hear how much you've been going through lately, Julia.

Amy Junod said...

Beautiful! What an awesome view! Pretty cool world we live in.

Joanna said...

what a beautiful view! I wish I could fly, too.

Leslie at SugarAndSpiceADK. said...

I have dreams about flying, all the time. What BEAUTIFUL photos, Julia! Thank you!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the link to PostSecret. I'd never heard of it before. Don't most of us secretly wish we could fly? I, too, have that wonderful dream of flying over the rooftops. Always awake refreshed from that one!

Here's my dirty little secret for today's prompt: I was actually hoping for a positive result on my SSA and/or SSB blood tests.

It would just be nice finally to have an answer to hang all the questions on: It's Sjogren's. Oh, okay, so I'm not making it all up or exaggerating, or faking it or being lazy, I've got something real that makes me more tired and sore than the average bear, among other things too numerous to list. It's not likely to kill me, thank goodness, but it sure does make many of my days miserable. Somehow, I think I'd feel better knowing I'm sick. How odd.

Apropos of this thought, I loved your post on approved fatigue.

Thanks for inviting us to play along with the prompts.