Friday, April 1, 2011

The Ham-o-rama approaches....

Ahh. Springtime. Green grass, daffodils, warmer temperatures, and Easter.

Love it. For a whole variety of reasons, of course one being the religious significance of the holiday. Then there's the great excuse to eat enormous amounts of candy.

Hm...don't think a See's Mayfair chocolate egg will fit in well with my new Weight Watchers favorite. Dang.

John and Greg love Easter because it gives them yet another occasion to haul out their smoker grills and cook enormous amounts of meat. In this case, ham.

Their smoked hams have become legendary among our friends and relatives. So popular, in fact, that the kids have actually dubbed Easter as the Ham-o-rama.

The guys do two hams every year, which are immediately gobbled up by our houseful of guests. They choose two glazes each year and then the rest of us, lucky ducks, get to choose which of the two glazes tastes best. The winning glaze gets repeated for the next Ham-o-rama alongside another newly chosen recipe.

Our favorite for the last four years has been the most simple: We brush the ham with whole-grain mustard, then pack it with brown sugar. Just before putting it on the smoker, John and Greg drizzle huge amounts of honey over the brown sugar crust. Then they head out to the back yard and the smoker grills after which delicious aromas begin to drift into the house. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...... And I don't have to cook.

Woo! Epic Julia win.

The guys are going to do one ham with our favorite glaze, and are researching which glaze will coat our second ham. Right now they're leaning towards something maple syrup - based.

Anyone have any maple ham glaze recipes that they'd be willing to share?

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