Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gobbledygook Day

Woo! I made it to post number 30 in the WEGO health blog prompt challenge. The very last assignment: Make up a word. What does it mean? Use it in a sentence.

Before I unveil my very own weirdo word, I'd like to comment a bit on the experience of writing thirty posts in a row on topics dictated by someone else.

We all know about my control issues.

So, yes, even though I routinely post here daily, my post topics have always been determined by me and me alone. Until the challenge.

I've had mixed feelings about these new terms. I did agree to do this. Nobody has twisted my arm to get me to consent. But it just didn't seem to be that big of a deal.....until I got started. You want me to write what? About what? When? Where? In what form? It didn't take very long before the hairs on my neck began to rise and I could feel my contrary nature struggling to take control. Of everything.

But I take my commitments seriously in spite of writing in a very un-serious manner, so I chugged out post after post. And, I'm happy to say that I have actually learned a few things after this experience.

First, I've learned that even though someone else dictates the subject matter or writing form, the work that I put out there is still mine. Undeniably.

Secondly, I've learned that I'm just not comfortable with serious introspection. Some of the assignments turned my attention inward, and though my posts fell far short of baring my soul, the exercise in focusing on the non-silly part of my nature was a good thing.

And third, I had the chance to read other bloggers response to the same assignments. Thanks also to the Reasonably Well readers who also chimed in! Each response was enlightening and very enjoyable to read.

So finally, I come to the very last assignment, and my fabricated word is.......drum roll, please.....I'MGLADTHATIDIDITBUTI'MGLADTHATIT'S OVER.

There. A word. AND a sentence.

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Amy said...

I've really enjoyed your perspective on each assignment. It's been fun and it's made me question how I would answer each question. It crazy how I can live with something every day and then look at it from another angle. It's not like it makes it all go away but there is so much relief in knowing I'm not alone in this.

My personal fav out of all the assignments was your Sjogren's joke. You really nailed that one!