Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dr. Seuss Day

WEGO writing prompt day twenty three:

It's Dr. Seuss day! Write a post using as many rhymes as you can.

On a bright spring morning -
a beautiful day -
Julia the sjoggie
went outside to play.

She rushed out the door
and didn't stop to think
that she should do a few things
that took just a wink.

She didn't wear her sunscreen.
She didn't wear her hat.
She didn't put in eye drops.
The next day she was lying flat.

Oh, poor me! she cried.
Whenever will I learn?
I'm so stinkin' tired!
And I've got a sunburn!

The moral, my sjoggies,
of the story is this:
Wear your hat and some sunscreen,
so your spring will be bliss.

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Anonymous said...

The sunscreen is going to be so hard for me. I hate it. It makes me hotter, and I overheat so easily. Do you have a suggestion for a sunscreen that my skin can "breathe" through??? I'm new to this whole thing, and still learning.

Jenny P said...

OMG this is incredible! Julia, you should submit this to carnivals and competitions! Send it to the SSA!!

sue said...

I started back with the sunscreen today too. Absolutely hate the stuff. It is greasy and it turns the necks of my t shirts yellow. I have learned not to put sunscreen on my forehead, when I sweat it runs down into my eyes and stings like the dickens. Good thing my bike and kayak are tandems because I had to complete the outing with my eyes shut. In spite of the issues the sun brings, I'm really glad to see some green after a long winter.

Amy said...

Made me smile :)