Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Best of The Worst

Thanks to a tweet yesterday by @EssentiallyAli, I had a chance to read this really great conversation thread found on the Sjogren's World Forums. The topic? Five least favorite Sjogren's syndrome symptoms.

What symptoms would top your list?


annie said...

I would have to agree with most of the people there, that my top 5 would be very similar to theirs.
2)dysregulation of body temperature: I'm bothered by summer and winter and can't support the heat or cold
3)Raynaud's: can't get to something in the fridge without getting frostbite!
4)brain fog
5)pain and dizziness,dryness,gut problems,and I'm sure there are others, but can't think right now!
Thanks Julia.

Kelly said...

1) Fatigue: those achy, break-y days.
2) Brain fog: I want to be as smart as I used to be.
3) Night-time leg cramps.
4) Inability to swallow cake.
5) That embarrassing and ugly red rash on the backs of my legs in the summer.

Because those are the all things that come out of the blue and ruin my day and/or over which I seem to have no control at all. Dry mouth and dry eyes have been more amenable to the available far.

Amy Junod said...

1. For me, the dry eyes is a killer symptom. I can really understand how taping eyelids open was an effective method of torture. I simply can't use my eyes many days.
2. Fatigue. I had no idea how badly this would alter my life.
3. Pain- joint and muscle.
4. Anxiety. It is so very hard to calm the mind down when the body is shooting off signals that it's under attack.
5. Breathlessness. My lungs just can't take the humid air. This one is tough because the humid air actually helps my dry eye it's a good thing?
6. I should get a 6th because the above is a scratch. Painful salivary glands. Lovely lumps under my cheek bones.

Unknown said...

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