Friday, March 11, 2011

This One Is Nasty

So. I really don't want to whine here, but yikes.

My butt is still firmly anchored to my couch. I keep trying to get up and do stuff - big, hard, difficult things like getting dressed or loading the dishwasher, I'm not getting anything accomplished. Good grief.

It's so frustrating because the scenario over the past three days goes something like this: I'm horizontal somewhere. The couch, recliner, bed, floor, whatever. While I'm lying flat, schnauzers packed in around me, twiddling my thumbs - but not too strenuously - I feel OK. But when I get up and spend a few minutes on a simple task, those all too familiar crash symptoms take over. Again. My face feels ice-cold - so weird! - my muscles begin to feel like they're made from lead, my joint pains begin again, and I begin to shiver as though I'm running a temp.

Then I get all nasty and cranky. It's a good thing John can escape to work for much of the day.

If I try to push through the weirdo symptoms, then I began to perspire and tremble. So I flop back down anywhere, and after about a half an hour, I begin to feel OK again. Until I get up one more time.

I promise not to put up any more whiney-butt posts after this one, at least for this flare go-around. But I feel that I owe it to y'all to be honest. I'll bet most sjoggies have felt this way before, and it's difficult for us all, isn't it? It's a good thing that even BICJ is too tired to misbehave or I'd REALLY be in trouble.


sue said...

Hi Julia,
I guess you'll just have to be patient until this passes eventually. I wouldn't worry about whining when you feel this miserable. It really is frustrating. Time to curl up with a good book, a quilt, and the puppies. On the bright side, at least you are not in Japan this morning, they are having a truly bad day.

Amy Junod said...

This is such a good description of what a bad flare feels like. This is the stuff that they don't tell you about at the Dr.'s office. When a patient is handed a fist full of papers to read, these are seldom the symptoms that are highlighted.
I really do hope that you're feeling better today.

annie said...

Are these symptoms ones you've had before, or should you see your doctor? I'm no doctor, but cold face and can't move your legs sounds like some kind of neuropathy. I know when I try to do something and I'm not well enough, I do feel hot and trembly, so I know I have to stop. Sometimes I have a hot face, but my body temp is very low, and then I get really cold (raynaud's?).

Take a break and snuggle up in a blankie with your dogs, and rest, rest, rest. Keep well.

Julia Oleinik said...

Thanks, guys. Annie - I've had these symptoms for years and years. My rheumy knows about them and we both think they are super strange. But they go away when my flare is over. Sue - too true! Am seeing that there are tsunami warnings for our oregon/washington coasts this morning. And so terrible for Japan!!

Blogger Mama said...

Aw, sometimes it makes us feel a smidge better when we whine. We all get free passes for that when we don't feel good. So whine away!! Hope you feel better quickly!!

Anonymous said...

Hey It's OK to Whine , when you feel lousy and our having a dad day it's allowed. People will understand and if they don't shame on them.

Have a Beautiful Day.