Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Overcast Kind Of Day

Yesterday was cloudy and drizzly. As I was sipping my morning cup of tea, I noticed one of my feathery friends perched in his usual spot atop one of our pin oak trees. He looked pretty impressive in an Edgar Allen Poe sort of way.

I think he's some kind of a crow but he never gets close enough to the house for me to know for sure. He spends hours sitting up there. I call him Edgar, of course. Ed for short.

I name everything.

After my tea, I headed out in Goldie to the community center, where I spent some time on the exercise bike. The center has huge windows but yesterday the view was awfully dreary.

I know. I live in the Pacific Northwest. That's just what the weather is like here in March. But for some unknown reason, I felt my spirits dampen along with the cloudy sky.

Until......I headed down to the locker room to get ready to get into the pool and saw this:

Snort. Hoo ha! This is the actual sign. Posted on the actual locker room door. Taken with my own actual camera. Just ask Terese - she's the one that noticed it first.

Ahh. How can a person be gloomy after reading this sign? I mean - can anyone think of any kind of scenario which would involve DRINKING FROM THE TOILET IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM??

Nothing cheers me up better than silliness. I'm still snickering.


annie said...

I'm guessing you found your was just hiding in the women's locker room waiting for you! The scenery, dreary as it is, is also so spectacular

sue said...

I'm glad to see you are feeling better. The bird is kind of creepy. Definitely some Edgar Allen Poe going on. What exactly is reclaimed water? Maybe the sign is for service dogs?

Jenny P said...

Philly's looking rather similar to that today - actually the "view" from the giant windows of my 30th floor perch downtown is basically living inside a cloud. Maybe for fun I'll print out your picture of that sign and put it on the ladies room door? Now that aughta wake up the office...

I have similar trains of certain medicines or even foods, I wonder who even tried something crazy in the first place to figure it out? Take olives for example. A raw olive off a tree is toxic. To become edible and usable, they go through a protracted battery of soakings, rinsings, pressings, more soakings, etc. It can take weeks, and involves using brines & chemicals I'd never have imagined. And yet, humans have been eating olives for centuries! I want to know - what dude was walking around in ancient Mesopotamia and said "Hm, look at those hard ugly blobs on that shrivly tree...I bet if a put them through a week-long process of brines and soakes they'll taste delicious!!" I mean REALLY now!