Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Diagnostic Tool in Sjogren's Syndrome

Check this out.

Who has had a lip biopsy? And really wished there was a less painful way to diagnose Sjs? Raise you hands, That's a lot of sjoggies.

A study is underway that shows real promise in eliminating the use of painful and often unreliable lip biopsies - it's focus is to identify biomarkers in saliva for use in diagnosis of Sjogren's syndrome:
...the US study was established under the objective of expanding the clinical utility of the salivary biomarkers by evaluation in an independent cohort of US Sjogren's Syndrome patients.... 
Researchers collected unstimulated whole saliva samples from 30 well-characterized pSS patients, 30 patients with clinically-diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and 30 healthy subjects.....a panel of 3 salivary mRNA biomarkers (B2M, GIP2 and MNDA) and 3 protein biomarkers (B2M, SSA and SSB) were validated in both European and US population cohorts, thus permitting the translational and clinical utilization of these biomarkers in a non-invasive manner for real-time cost effective clinical applications.
You can read the entire article here, on Medical News Today.

Gorgeous lips that don't look even remotely like mine found here


Leslie at SugarAndSpiceADK. said...

Hi Julia--had my lip biopsy at Johns Hopkins last year--SO painful, and mine came out negative (.24 score, when I guess a score of 1 or greater is positive)...really wish I hadn't had it done, as I can STILL feel the difference in my lower lip! And in the end, got a diagnosis without it.

Unknown said...

Hi my daughter has Sjogren's diagnose at 10, has primary then RA, thyroid and more she has had stomach pain for a out 3 or 4 years do u know any information on this diagnose on kids very hard to find anything. I'm afraid what will be my daughters future with this, help any Please.

Anonymous said...

I have avoid it so far, and I realy am afraid by this. But maybe I'll have to do it to prove the Sjogren since I don't have the antybody in my blod test.
I'll talk to my doctor about this new system. Sound great !! Thanks Julia.

Anonymous said...

I just had my Salivary gland Biopsy today, every test i have had blood work the eye secretion test has came back positive for Sjogrens so i was not happy i had to do this test! I guess my doc just wanted one more positive test. This was not the most comfortable thing in the world and only hoping when the numbing is gone i dont have a lot of pain with it.

Leonardo Swafford said...

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