Thursday, March 17, 2011


Has anyone seen my sense of humor?

I seem to have misplaced it somewhere over the past few weeks. Every now and then, I catch the teensiest glimpse of it....but then it's gone.

I've looked everywhere, really, I have. In my sock drawer, the garage, the pantry, the doggie beds, gosh. I've turned this house upside down. It's just got to be here somewhere. I suppose the fact that I realize that it's missing means there's hope that I will eventually find it. I think that it took off about the time that my psoriatic arthritis showed up. Dang.

I've gotten so desperate that I've even thought of borrowing other people's idea of levity. Really. I've watched two Three Stooges movies, which didn't work AT ALL. I've spent hours on I Can Has Hot Dog and I Can Has Cheezeburger, and I managed to swipe a few giggles. Occasionally a guffaw. But dang. I haven't been able to discover a sense of humor that's truly like mine. Authentically mine. And before you say it, let ME just say that I know. It's weird. It's off-balanced. It's slightly kooky.

But it's mine, warts and all. If you find it, will you send it back to me? I miss it.

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annie said...

Maybe your humor has joined other humors and they've formed a club where sjoggie's humors hang out! They're taking a break from the sjoggies'people. Sorry, my humor sucks, but I'm feeling so exhausted, I have troubling speaking and thinking. Keep well, Julia.

sue said...

Hi Julia

I'm sure your sense of humour will come back in time. Maybe it is on a beach somewhere sipping on a margarita and getting a tan. As for 3 stooges movies, I really think you need a y chromosome to appreciate those. Hang in there, it will come back.

Anonymous said...

I feel exactly that way right now. I am struggling to be pleasant and keep going at work when all I want to do is sleep and be left alone. I am supposed to go on spring break next week, but honestly I don't feel up to it. Sorry, I'm not very uplifting. I sure hope you feel better soon and recognize your sense of humor when it comes back. I know you don't realize it, but you help us so much because we identify with you. It helps us feel better about how we are feeling.

Amy Junod said...

Darn it! Mine left without leaving a note too! So typical of Humor, isn't it?