Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Live Long And Prosper

Was it Mork that could do the funky V thing with his fingers? Or Spock? Can't remember. But - I can. Here's proof:

Ewwwie cuticles. But it hurts too much to touch them right now.

So the reason that I'm showing off my extraordinary hand dexterity skills is actually to give y'all an update on my dumb stupid psoriatic arthritis.

My left hand hurts like heck. I'm typing with fewer fingers these days. And as my fingers began to swell and become more cranky, it seemed as though my whole body began to ache more, too.

I had an appointment with my rheumy today to discuss my treatment options because I'm not happy with the Azulfidine that I'm currently taking. I know that it may take months for this medication to become truly effective and I have tried to be patient. But gee, for some reason pain + time just doesn't = patience for me.

I really didn't have to explain a thing when my rheumy stepped into the exam room and took a look at my hands. Well, the Azulfidine isn't doing a thing for you! He exclaimed. And look at that pinky DIP - looks incredibly painful!

He zipped out of the room and returned with a syringe and other joint-injection supplies. How about it? He asked. I'd want that finger injected if I were you.

I nodded in agreement and he quickly went to work.

Bless his heart. 

Ice and rest for 24 hours, he instructed. It'll feel much better tomorrow.

We then went on to discuss a medication change. As usual, I had done some research into best practice guidelines for treating psoriatic arthritis, and was fully expecting to be discussing biologic response modifying drugs such as Rituxan and Humira.

Not yet, he said. Perhaps if this next tier of drugs don't work, but I think I want to try something else.

Well, now. Miss smarty pants Julia didn't know that there was another tier of drugs in between DMARDs (disease modifying anti rheumatic) and biologics. But I learn quickly. Dr. K. went on to describe his experience treating PA with two drugs in combination:the immunosuppressant cyclosporine (modified), and the DMARD methotrexate.

Whoever packaged these cyclosporine capsules for use in sore, inflamed FINGER JOINTS has obviously never had to open one of these blister packs. Owie zowie.  

So. Time will tell how well our plan B will work. I'll keep y'all posted.


annie said...

Wow, that looks so painful. I hope the new meds will help you. I believe there is some kind of voice technology for computers, so you don't have to type?

Maybe whoever thought of the packaging thought it would be easier than trying to open those child-safe bottles, that even adults have trouble opening!

Blogger Mama said...

I am interested to hear your experience with Methotrexate as I am scheduled to start using that very soon myself. Hope it works for you!!

sue said...

Oh my gosh that looks sore! Hope the new meds work for you.

sue said...

I forgot. It was Spock that did the vulcan salute. Can't do it myself but my husband can. Lovely rings by the way.

Jenny P said...

Interesting attack - did he mention how long you might be on Methotrexate? And are you doing oral or injections? I was on it for a while in high school, and the oral doses were too problematic for me, I found the injections far more tollerable (they're just sub-q at home). Still not that much fun though:(

I can do the vulcan salute with both hands - this was highly prized in my elementary school for some reason. And I was noticing your rings are similarish to mine!

Robin said...

I hope the new meds give you some relief. I think both Mork and Spock did hand thingys.