Friday, March 25, 2011

Ed 'N Al

My buddy Ed the crow has a much better view from his perch today than he did a few days ago.

Yay for sunshine.

And he has a friend today.....I think I'll name him Allen. Al for short. Yep. Ed 'n Al. Edgar and Allen. Wonder what critter I could name Poe?

And what is the difference between a crow and a raven? Do only ravens quote, "Nevermore......."?


annie said...

Julia, I think a raven is smaller than a crow, but they're from the same family.

Andrea, thanks for the book suggestion, I will look it up at my local bookstore. I have been to ENT's and a neurologist numerous times, none of them find a medical reason for the dizziness. It's frustrating and downright scary as the episodes are happening on a more frequent basis and leave you feeling as though you're about to pass out, with heart palpitations, and tremors in arms an legs. I know there is dizziness in sjogren's, I want to know why and what's causing it, darn it!

Jenny P said...

Julia - I feel a chipmunk or other furball creature would make a good Poe.

Annie - have you looked into dysautonomia / autoimmune dysautonomia? I have dysautonomia and some of my symptoms include dizziness esp. when changing position (lying, sitting, standing), palpitations, PVCs, problems retaining fluids, and troule regulating body temperature & pulse. I wouldn't be surprised if more severe symptoms could include your tremors? I do have some twitches but not what I'd call tremors. Remember (I know you know this, but still), some things will be Sjogren's, but some may be comorbid conditions, so it might be time to look in a new direction.

Amy said...

It IS spring...maybe Allen is Ellen?

Julia Oleinik said...

Ooo! Good point, Amy!

Annie and Jen - there are definitely potential sympathetic/parasympathetic issues in Sjogren's syndrome! Symptoms can be episodic which is why it's so difficult to diagnose. This specific part of the nervous system is responsible for all those symptoms that you describe, Annie.

annie said...

Thank you all so much for all the input about my dizziness. I'm also thinking the same why is it the neurologist doesn't think it has some neurological relation? My rheumatologist and ENT also mentioned it could be an autonomic nervous system problem. I can cope, but want to know what it is I'm coping with. You've all been a great help, and thanks again so much for putting my mind at ease. You're a great bunch of women!