Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweeter Dreams

It was a busy weekend. Well, for John and our friends, that is.

We decided to invest in a new mattress and box spring set since the last set has been with us for awhile.....actually twenty four years. After spending forever looking at way too many mattresses, bouncing and laying on and scrutinizing the display models, we finally chose a king sized set. Which meant that the old set had to be shifted to one of the other bedrooms, and then THAT even older set shifted to a friend who wanted it, and then hauling home the NEW set and then going out and buying king sized sheets and blankets. Yikes. Since we bought the mattress from one of those big warehouse discount places, delivery and set-up was um.....well, we had to scrounge up our own burly delivery men.

Note that I'm showing pics of my bedroom floor all clean and shiny. Trust me, it didn't look this way when we moved the old bed out. Ew. Our dust bunnies were more like dust elephants.

Thank goodness for Greg's big pickup truck. Goodbye, old mattress.

Hello, new mattress! Thank goodness also for willing neighbors to help schlep this big heavy thing upstairs. That corner on the stairway is a real bear. What were we thinking when we built it that way?!

It was worth all of the finagling and hoo-rah. Ahhh.....comfy. It might be even harder to get up in the mornings with a bed as snuggly and comfortable as this one.

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